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Leeds United Football Club Poem
Poem By: Borge Ravndal

I was born in nineteen sixtyfour
with a decade of pride underway
when Leeds entered the marvellous door
for ten years they were able to stay

On top and opponents were shocked
by their brilliant, magnificent play
and back fours were constantly knocked
by Clarke, Bremner, Giles, Jones and Gray

Don Revie, a genius he was
and in players skills he believed
in return they gave to their boss
the honour of goals they achieved

Were still longing back to those days
of glory and triumph and pride
we trust that the lads find the ways
although its a long way to ride

But this season may be the start
of climbing to something great
for Leeds, the club in my heart
for Premier League patient we wait!
for Leeds, the club in my heart
for Premier League patient we wait!

Marching On Together, We Are Marching On Together (x3)

For Leeds

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Thanks to Borge Ravndal for this great piece of work from the heart. Borge is a lifelong Leeds United fan from Aalgaard in Norway. Since we first uploaded this poem Borge has since put the poem to music and is the song that can be heard now. Thanks Borge for the great work - On On On.

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