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King Of Elland Road

Gotta throne down Elland Road
There's loads of them row by row
Rulers of all the land
So long live the Revie stand
Ah but

Two hours of pushing brooms buys a
Pint in the big screen room
I'm a man of Leeds by no means
King of the "Road"

I know every verse to marching along
All of the chants and and all of the songs
I feel all the hurt
When nothin goes right
But I get back up again
cos I am a White I sing...

We had joy we had fun
We had them on the run
I'm a man of Leeds by no means
King of the "Road"

No one at the "Road" is better than me
We rule together in harmony
We're equally great and together we'll sing
So you'll never see

A Queen or a King I sing...

Now I'm back at the "Road"
Fortune has blest my soul
I'm a man of Leeds by no means
King of the "Road"
King of the "Road"

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King Of Elland Road was written by a koppite and a life long fan. Known around the Leeds United forums as Laughing Leeds Fan. This is just one of many songs from Laughing Leeds Fan who has his own site 'electronickop.com' Visit there for his full ensemble complete with audio midi files.

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