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"Celebrate the honours that our great club have won, from humble beginnings in 1919 up to the great side of the sixties and early seventies that were a major powerhouse in both the domestic and European competitions. A complete list of the trophies Leeds United have won, from the clubs first ever trophy in 1923-24 up to the present day. All the near misses and the several we missed out on that are positively debatable. The Revie era by far produced the most silverware for the Elland Road trophy cabinet and but for disgraceful refereeing and an obstructive and unsupportive FA it could have been so much more. Despite the famous saying though that is associated with the glorious Revie era, all Leeds fans know that if it wasn't for Don Revie Leeds United wouldn't have got so much as an invitation to that wedding. This page will always be a page in progress"

leeds united honours

League D1/Premiership
Champions 1991-92
Champions 1973-74
Runners Up 1971-72
Runners Up 1970-71
Runners Up 1969-70
Champions 1968-69
Runners Up 1965-66
Runners Up 1964-65
League D2/Championship
Champions 1989-90
Champions 1963-64
Runners Up 1955-56
Runners Up 1931-32
Runners Up 1927-28
Champions 1923-24
FA Cup
Finalists 1973
Winners 1972
Finalists 1970
Finalists 1965
FL Cup
Finalists 1996
Winners 1968
Fairs/UEFA Cup
Winners 1971
Winners 1968
Finalists 1967
European Cup
Finalists 1975
European Cup Winners Cup
Finalists 1973
Charity Sheild
Winners 1992
Winners 1969
Central League
Winners 1936-37
FA Youth Cup
Winners 1997
Winners 1993
leeds united honours
leeds united trophies
leeds united silverware
leeds honours
leeds trophies
lufc silverware

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